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What is Urdu jokes website about?

UrduJokes.pk is a website for Urdu jokes and Paheliyan or funny tricky riddles for kids with answers. We share not only laughter and fun but also knowledge & wisdom.  Urdujokes.pk can seriously challenge the existence of the very serious and boring minds around us. Urdujokes.pk is so popular in people specially youngsters and students, and that’s why we have made it absolutely free to use and share. So, there is no limit on and you can just read it and spend time as much as you can.

Why you should spend time in reading jokes in Urdu & laugh?

Urdu Jokes

As per scientific researches, reading comics and spending time while enjoying, have very healthy effects on your mental health. We can mention some of these advantages below.

The laughter can give you a better sleep at night and work actively during the day light. Hence overall, it will increase your productivity.

The laughter and having fun can make your relationship stronger and fresh.

Urdu Jokes are merely some funny words that create the entire scene and unintentionally causes us to smile and enjoy a lot.

The comic characters used in jokes amuse the behaviors and help us in finding the inner self without taking any help from a professional.

Enjoyable jokes in Urdu and Paheliyan can relax you and release all your tensions.

Urdu Jokes can bring some positive changes in readers personality.

Laughter can always create a sense of friendship with affection. To remove sadness and worries, there may be multiple ways available but the best way is only a laughter. The words used while reading or telling Jokes in Urdu bring funny feelings but sense of the laughter later on lasts for the longer period.

Some Other Health Related Important Factors

The other major important factor about Urdu Jokes is taking a very good care of your mental health and overall life. The jokes in Urdu that causes a laughter should not be ruined just because of any misunderstanding or by not adding any funny emotions that can cause the tickling effect. As all the contents used in funny jokes that it shares is actually derived from the real life, so the understanding of these jokes and its penetration should be quite very simple.

Please don’t be Offend When You Make Fun

There is a small piece of advice! Whenever you are to make fun please make sure that you do not offend other people. Some people try to share ganday lateefay in Urdu and think they have told a great joke. Remember! Purpose of telling a joke in Urdu should be focused on bring a smile on next person’s face and not anger or disgust feeling. So, sharing ganday lateefay in Urdu can actually make other people angry and will create a very bad impression about your personality. You really do not want to create bad impression about your personality on next person, or do you? Anybody can tell Funny jokes in Urdu but it should make the people happy rather than unhappy and angry.

At UrduJokes.pk you can read your favorite funny jokes like sardar Urdu jokesjokes for studentsdoctors jokespolice jokesfunny children jokes, shopkeeper jokes or love jokes to break tense environment and also to develop a good humorous personality.

Just keep in mind that a joke may target a certain class or profession, for example, lawyer jokes may please many people but it may not be all funny for the lawyers themselves. A sardar or pathan joke may be very funny to you but on the other hand, it may irritate a sardar or pathan. Making everyone happy by sharing jokes in Urdu, from your prospect is very challenging and it is actually an art.
ganday lateefay in Urdu


Just remember! You can make fun, share laughter and bring happiness by sharing good, neat and clean Urdu jokes so you should avoid sharing and telling ganday lateefay in Urdu as jokes in Urdu should focus on happiness instead of bringing and spreading vulgarity in society.